COSOA High School 
General COSOA High School Information
Name COSOA c/o Mehdi Salari
Address 2642 NW Pickett Ct
Bend, OR 97703
Phone (541) 350-1083
Contact(s) Mehdi Salari, Nathaniel Collins
Sport Soccer
Interest High School
Affiliation NFHS 2015
Competition League
Description COSOA is an officials' association that provides referees to High School games in Central Oregon. Referees must be at least 18 and current with COSOA and OSAA certification. There is an annual fee of $35 deducted from the 1st paycheck. Students are exempt.
Area of Games Central Oregon
General Playing Dates Fall season
Assignment Method Generally we assign 3 officials to Varsity matches and 2 to sub-varsity games.
Referee Payment RPPS (S-PAY Inc) pay service. Check or DirDep based on referee's Payment Preference.
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