Bend Premier Cup 
General Bend Premier Cup Information
Name Bend Premier Cup
Address PO Box 8340
Bend, OR 97702
Contact(s) Nathaniel Collins, Matthew Wells
Sport Soccer
Interest Youth: Competitive
Affiliation USSF
Competition Tournament
Description Youth summer tournament in beautiful Central Oregon. There may not be enough refs in the local area to cover all the games, refs outside Bend are invited to sign up. REFEREE BENEFITS INCLUDE: a place to stay for REFS traveling into the area. Food and water provided each day. Competitive pay for youth games.
Area of Games Bend
General Playing Dates June 24-26, 2022
Assignment Method Active Bend Premier Cup referees assigned to games based on their availability info.
Referee Payment RPPS (S-PAY Inc) pay service. Check or DirDep based on referee's Payment Preference.
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